Spiro Mine Tunnel Rehabilitation

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Park City Public Utilities maintains two mine tunnels that were originally constructed in the early 1900’s. These two tunnels were constructed as ground water drainage tunnels that redirected water out of other active mining tunnels. Now abandoned from mining activities, the Spiro Tunnel produces a constant flow of water from the tunnel and is a substantial water source for Park City and is the headwaters of McLeod Creek. Recent studies conducted by the City, have found several areas in need of reconstruction for safe passage, maintenance and water collection.



Phase One of the Spiro Tunnel Mine Tunnel Rehabilitation included studies and surveys to development recommendations and designs for tunnel reconstruction, ventilation improvements, replacement of 60-year old water conveyance piping within the tunnel, and improvements to facilitate long-term maintenance.

Phase Two implements the recommendations through tunnel reconstruction of the first 400 feet of the tunnel. Reconstruction of the tunnel portal (entrance) includes a new plaza at the portal that will share the history of the tunnel.

Phase Three will be the implementation of the reconstruction of prioritized areas of the tunnel.

Site Construction Status

Planning and design for the project began in 2019 and is being provided by Lithos Engineering,

A mining specialist contractor, Harrison Western, was selected to perform the tunnel reconstruction.

Phase Two tunnel work has been substantially complete. Tunnel piping work is underway. The portal is being reconstructed and the plaza is currently scheduled to be complete by summer 2021.