Park City Golf Course Maintenance Facility

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The new Golf Course Maintenance Facility replaces an existing 40 year old building that was demolished to provide space for the new 3Kings Water Treatment Plant. The new, relocated facility design provides an aesthetically compatible facility, increased worker safety, greater overall operational efficiency, and safer equipment and materials storage and handling. Consistent with Park City policy, the buildings collectively achieve net-zero energy efficiency. The Project was completed in 2019.

Project Description

The new Golf Maintenance Facility was relocated to a site between the Park City Golf Course Driving Range and Fairway No. 10. Buildings were positioned to protect work zones from driving range and fairway activities, incorporate natural lighting, and minimize stray building/site lighting and operations noise. The building layouts incorporate a “zonal” concept which promotes staff safety, protection from outdoor elements, environmental protection, and workflow efficiency by incorporating daily workflow patterns including employee start-of-day and end-of-day routines (clock-in/out, equipment startup and cleanup). Key elements and features of the building design include:

  • Natural turf embankment on building exteriors on driving range and fairway sides to minimize visual impacts;
  • A “Living” roof (sedum) on a majority of the buildings with standing seam metal roofing on open bay areas;
  • Concrete and CMU construction with natural wood and stone veneer architectural treatment on exterior surfaces for aesthetic purposes and to address potential damage from golfing activities
  • Building environmental (heating & cooling) controls based on use and occupancy;
  • Secure and monitored buildings;
  • Low maintenance building interior floor and wall surfaces
  • Building interior racking systems for items such as parts storage and light equipment storage to reduce building footprint
  • MS4 compliant site with equipment washwater pretreatment;
  • Off-site parking and access ways combined with golf cart paths to reduce course impacts. A turf-block material across the driving range provides fire vehicle access.
  • Removal netting over exposed workspace areas;

The facility consists of three adjacent, separated buildings (an administration/operations building, a tempered storage building, and a fertilizer/chemical/pesticide storage building), as well as two covered bays (a wash bay and a bulk storage area).

Administration/Operations Building

  • Administration Area with offices and a work station area;
  • Break / Lunch Room and also serving as a conference/training area;
  • Restroom/Locker Area adjacent to other activity areas with direct exterior access to other buildings;
  • Equipment Maintenance/Repair Area separate and secured from other areas with direct access to the wash area. Contains air compressor and oil/lube equipment and storage, secure tool storage area.

Tempered Equipment Storage Building

  • Hand Tools storage area;
  • Seven designated bays for golf course maintenance equipment storage area;
  • Parts Storage bay for course and irrigation system parts;
  • Seed Storage and associated equipment storage bay.

Fertilizer, Chemical and Pesticide Storage Building

  • Two bays for separated fertilizer and chemical/pesticide equipment storage;
  • Rinsate and spill collection and containment;
  • Separate equipment storage within targeted equipment type area.

Equipment Wash and Fueling Areas

  • Covered Fuel Area centrally located to repair and storage areas. Contains fuel dispensing & storage;
  • Equipment Wash Bay with access to blow-off air and washdown water. Includes environmental protection and containment;
  • Open bay sized to accommodates a cross-country snow trail groomer.

Bulk Storage Area

  • Covered bunks for sand, mulch, topping soil, and waste. Located to facilitate material delivery and for daily use without interference with O&M activities.

Project Team

  • Planning, Architectural, and Construction Services:  Zehren & Associates
  • Survey, Platting, and Site Engineering:  Ward Engineering
  • Energy Modeling and Building Commissioning:  Van Boerum Frank and Associates
  • Contractor:  Alder Construction Company, using an Early Contractor Involvement (CM/GC) construction delivery method

Project Costs

  • Planning, Architectural, and Construction Services: $212,573
  • Survey, Platting, and Engineering: $144,244
  • Energy Modeling and Building Commissioning: $39,241
  • Pre-construction Services & Construction: $4,273,550
  • Materials Testing Services: $5,564
  • Other Costs (publishing, etc.): $32,074

Project Timeline

  • Planning for the project began in 2017
  • Design completed in 2018
  • Construction performed during 2019
  • Occupied and Operational in the late fall of 2019