Old Town Post Office Box Subsidy Program

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Park City Municipal Old Town Post Office Box Subsidy Program

  1. On September 17, 2020, as a result of Old Town's historic setting and unique geographical constraints, the Park City Council offered to subsidize a PO Box's annual cost for primary residents in Old Town*.

  2. To be considered, the applicant must pay the Post Office for their box, then submit eligibility information to the City.

  3. For eligibility the following must be provided:
    • Documentation of proof of payment to Post Office;
    • Documentation of living in old town*; and
    • Proof of primary residency. Only property tax bills or a valid lease will be accepted to qualify.

  4. While the subsidy began September 18, 2020, Park City will reimburse residents who previously paid for the PO Box after July 1, 2020, to align with the City's fiscal year.

Submit requests or other questions to: Jonathan Weidenhamer,, and Stephanie Valdez,

*Old Town Map for this purpose includes Deer Valley Drive going south to Daly Avenue and west/east from Lowell Avenue to Rossi Hill/McHenry Avenues.