Backflow Prevention

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Cross Connection Control & Backflow Prevention Program

Park City Public Utilities works hard to ensure the safety of your drinking water. Our Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program plays a vital role in preventing contamination of drinking water caused by backflow through a metered connection.

Park City Public Utilities requires the submission of backflow test reports online. All testers are required to enter their certified test results here.

Backflow Test Submittal icon

We will no longer accept paper copies of the test results.  Our goals with implementing this software include improved compliance, an increase in on-time backflow tests, and reduced administrative burden.  There is no charge for this program.

If you are a tester in the area, you can create an account through this link: Backflow Tester Registration.

 Backflow and SwiftComply Registered Testers

Park City requires all backflow tests to be submitted online, through the SwiftComply website. The following testers are registered with Park City’s SwiftComply system and registered with the State of Utah as of the time of publishing this page. 



Website or Email Link

 A&D Fire


Alpine Fire Protection 


Always First Home Inspections

 801-389-0454  Always First Home Inspections

Band Fire Protections Systems, Inc


Brogan Thompson


CCI Mechanical


CCI Mechanical 

Brent's Backflow Testing Service, LLC


Certified Fire & Security


 Certified Fire & Security 

Cole Wright


Delta Fire Systems


 Delta Fire Systems

Edward Marshall


 Fine Landscape

 435-659-8524  Fine Lawns Park City

Fire Services, Inc.


 Fire Services, Inc.

Fire Engineering Company, Inc.

 801-262-3329 Fire Engineering Company, Inc

 Fire Suppression Services

 801-277-6464 Fire Suppression Services 



Flux Sprinkler and Backflow


 Flux Sprinkler and Backflow

 Frog Bottom Irrigation and Landscape

 435-671-7214  Frog Bottom Irrigation

 Frontier Fire Protection

 385-355-1353  Frontier Fire Protection

 Harris-Dudley Co.

 801-363-3883  Harris-Dudley Co.

 Hortin Backflow Testing LLC


J&C Testing and Service


 J&C Testing and Service

Seth Lovering


 Mountain Alarm

 801-395-8700  Mountain Alarm

 Official Fire Systems


Park City Backflow, Inc.


 Park City Backflow, Inc.

Rapid Fire Protection


 Rapid Fire Protection


 801-505-9505  Shamrock Plumbing

Smart Backflow Service


State Fire DC Specialties


 State Fire DC Specialties

Summit Fire and Security


 Summit Fire and Security

 Thomas Seyfert


TruCo Services

 801-466-8044  TruCo Services

VR Plumbing 

 435-645-8808  VR Plumbing
Wilder Backflow Testing  801-230-1681

 Wilder Backflow Testing


If you are a tester who would like to be added (after completing registration) or removed from this list, please email

You may choose to have any State certified backflow tester complete your annual test. We recommend that you confirm that the tester you select is willing to submit your test results through SwiftComply. If you proceed with a certified tester and that tester does not submit your results through SwiftComply, you will have to have your device retested at your expense by a company willing to submit this information. The State certified list is available here.

Park City does not endorse any specific individual or company. It is recommended that you contact and receive quotes from several testers to ensure a fair price for the testing and any additional work to be done.  

Water distribution systems are designed so that water flows in one direction from the treatment plant or pumping facility to the customer. Backflow is an undesirable flow reversal of water and other substances into Park City's distribution system. Even though the water that reaches your home or business is safe, it can be contaminated by a backflow incident within your own piping that could also contaminate or otherwise degrade water quality in the water distribution system.

Federal and state laws require public water systems to protect their systems from cross connections and backflow. Park City Public Utilities takes every precaution to prevent cross connections by working closely with consumers, contractors, engineers, and regulators to ensure that all those who are required to comply with cross-connection control and backflow prevention meet the requirements.

Make sure you are in Park City's service area before submitting a test to SwiftComply using our Service Area Map.



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