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Winter Peak Parking Rates are Currently in Effect From December 15 -April 15

Please Remember to pay to park in beautiful Old Town!

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Paid parking is a small piece of a larger transportation strategy to reduce traffic congestion and support Park City's sustainability goals.


Why is Paid Parking Management and Enforcement Needed?

Park City is a vibrant place to be. With restaurants, retail stores, bars, offices, coffee shops and more – there truly is something for everyone. But what if all the people who worked or came downtown just left their vehicles vacant for hours at a time? Where would customers park? Local businesses would lose customers because they couldn’t frequent their stores or restaurants. This is exactly what happened in the 1930’s when parking enforcement first began. Customers in Oklahoma City could not get to local merchants. The parking meter was born as a way to protect customer access to local businesses.

Today parking enforcement not only helps foster customer access to local businesses but it also helps prevent traffic congestion by encouraging people to park once and walk to their destinations. This prevents traffic congestion in the downtown core and helps avoid unnecessary exhaust caused by idling cars. All this helps to ensure a vibrant and healthy downtown. One in which we can enjoy for generations to come.

Permitted Parking also protects residents and their visitors from overflow parking associated with the many attractions and events that draw visitors to Park City. Permit parking preserves access to parking and quality of life for our residents.


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