Upcoming City Council Topics

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Updated September 18, 2023

Upcoming City Council Meeting Topics

We invite you to join us in person or virtually for an upcoming City Council meeting. All meetings are held at City Hall (445 Marsac Ave.) in the City Council Chambers on the first floor. City Council meetings start at 5:30 p.m. Council work sessions are held before the Council meetings.

Please check the Public Meetings page for work session start times, updated agendas, and virtual meeting participation information.

Please note: future meeting schedule and topics are tentative and subject to change.

Topics Discussed in 2023: 

  • BFO Scoring Model
  • ILA to Authorize the Wasatch Back Rural Planning Organization    
  • Rocky Mountain Power Franchise Agreement
  • Construction Mitigation Plans Discussion
  • Public Art Update & Approval of Daley West Project
  • Water Rate Revisions  
  • IT Decentralized vs. Centralized Concept
  • Transit O&M
  • Procurement Policy Changes and Administrative Update
  • Gillmor Parcel Transitions and Planning
  • Water Wise Landscaping LMC Amendments
  • Homestake Development Update
  • Reevaluate Parking in January
  • LMC Prioritization Discussion
  • Micro Transit Update on Pilot Program
  • Council Priorities on Large-Scale Capital Initiatives
  • Incentivizing Fire Sprinklers in the Historic District
  • Mental Health Special Service Contract Recommendations 
  • Discuss Policy Regarding Lighting the McPolin Farm Barn & Use of Maverick Gas Station for Community Events
  • Old Town Parking
  • Golf Outlook
  • Short Range Transportation Plan Update
  • Dark Sky Week
  • Repeal Fractional Use Code
  • Neighborhoods First Policy Approval
  • Olympic Guarantee Update
  • Blue-Ribbon Commission Study for Elected Official Compensation
  • Dining Deck Discussion
  • Arts Fest Contract Discussion
  • Public Art Annual Update and Strategic Plan
  • Legacy Mine Soil Roundtable
  • Dining Deck Approvals
  • Sundance Film Festival Debrief
  • Childcare
  • Summer Events Parking Rates
  • Bike and Pedestrian Plan Update
  • Housing Funding and Housing Goals
  • Park Silly Sunday Market Supplemental Plan 
  • EPMOA Funding Element for Historic Preservation
  • Disruptive Transportation Ideas
  • Budget Policy Review (Parking, Procurement, Traffic Calming/NTMP, Intergovernmental Communication, Economic Development Grants)

  • Childcare Subsidy Program
  • E-Bike Policy Discussion
  • Expansion of Park City’s Water Service Area
  • Bonanza Small Area Plan and the Feasibility Study
  • Thaynes Canyon Parking Permanent Solution

  • Live PC Affordable Housing Incentive Review
  • Iron Mountain Conservation Easement

Topics to be Discussed in the Next Six Months:

  • City Employee Housing Assistance Policy
  • Business License Fee Study Review       
  • Historic District Grant Program Awardees
  • Senior Center Discussion
  • Complete View of City Financial Support of Area Non-Profits (SSC, Fee Waivers, etc. All Combined)
  • Woodside Park Phase II RFP
  • Housing Land Prioritization
  • Should Flagstaff Area be a Route for Full-Size Buses since other Solutions were Being Looked at Around Town
  • Intersection Safety Improvements at SR224/SR248 and Alternatives for the Minor Crossings around the Proposed Project- underpass  
  • School District Update
  • Council Liaison for Each Neighborhood/Area
  • Update the Building Permit Fee Waiver Process and Propose New Scoring Model