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Park City Municipal Corp. and the Affordable Housing Department are committed to providing affordable and attainable buying and renting opportunities for people who live in the Park City area. The City develops and constructs housing units and engages in public-private partnerships with affordable housing developers. 

Park City seeks out public-private partnership opportunities for Affordable Housing development by publishing requests for proposals and seeking development bids for City-owned properties deemed appropriate for housing development. Bids are selected based on review criteria that assess the quality of the work plan, design, construction, financial feasibility and other aspects of the bid. 

Recent examples of public-private partnerships include EngineHouse, the largest affordable housing development Park City has constructed that will bring 99 affordable units to the City. Other examples include the Kings Crown development, which includes nine affordable units and one attainable housing unit, as well as Park City Heights, which will be completed in 2025 and will bring 79 affordable/attainable units to the City. 

For further inquiries about affordable housing developments and public-private partnership opportunities, contact Housing Development Manager Jason Glidden at