Submittal Requirements

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Submittal documents for your project are limited to those listed in 2021 House Bill 1003, and as applicable to your project scope of work, type of permit, and project location.  See submittal requirements described below and click HERE for our Completeness Checklist.

Minimum submittal requirements for new structures:

1.  Complete set of plans that are drawn to scale, stamped/signed as required per the International Building Code Sec. 107 and International Residential Code Sec. 106, and include:

  • Site plan - as described below in Site Plan requirements.
  • Survey
  • Landscape plans
  • Construction plans - as described below in Construction Plans requirements.
  • Fire sprinkler plans*

2.  Paid receipt from the Sewer District*

3.  Project Clearance Authorization Form from the Fire District (approval and all fees paid)*

4.  Documentation for energy code compliance; for example, REScheck analysis.

5.  Structural calculations; truss calculations*

6.  Geotechnical report - as described below in Geotechnical requirements.

7.  HOA notification*, if applicable

8.  Documentation to support the building valuation


*A permit application may be submitted before receiving the following (deferred submittals):

  • Fire sprinkler, truss, and gas schematic plans.  These may be submitted before scheduling a Building 4-way inspection.
  • Fire District Approval, Snyderville Basin Approval/Receipt (sewer), Health Department Approval, and HOA notification.  These may be submitted before scheduling a Limits of Disturbance (LOD) inspection.


Other submittal documents; provide if applicable to your project:

1.  Access Agreement(s) per Access Agreement Guide

2.  Historic District Design Review Approval/Waiver form

3.  Snow Shed Agreement(s) per Snow Shed Agreement Guide

4.  Equipment specifications; for example, manufacturer's specifications for gas fireplaces, mechanical equipment, etc.


Construction Plans requirements

  • Building Design Criteria - ie. effective codes used in the proposed design , Occupancy Classification(s), Sprinkler System, Type of Construction, occupant load(s), etc.
  • Elevations - for new construction or when an elevation is altered.
  • Floor plans for each level; to include location and size of doors and windows.
  • Foundation, structural and framing plans and details.
  • Electrical, mechanical and plumbing design.
  • A statement indicating that actual construction will comply with applicable local ordinances and building codes

Geotechnical requirements  

A geotechnical report, including slope stability and retaining design is required at initial submittal if the slope of the lot is greater than 15%.

Otherwise, after excavation is complete, a geotechnical report evaluating the excavation and soil is required.

Site Plan requirements

  • Click HERE for Setback and Zoning Guide - helpful guide to look up setback and zoning information.
  • Construction Mitigation Plans (CMP) as required per Municipal Code Sec. 11-14-4
  • Curb and gutter elevations as indicated on the subdivision documents
  • Driveway locations
  • Easements
  • Hard surface areas
  • Legend
  • Limits of Disturbance design as required per Municipal Code Sec. 11-14, and Land Management Code Sec. 15-7.3.2(J) and 15-7.3-3(H) 
  • Location of nearest hydrant 
  • Lot size and dimensions
  • North arrow
  • Property lines
  • Retaining walls
  • Setbacks
  • Street names
  • Topographical details, if the slope of the lot is greater than 10%.
  • Utilities, including water meter and sewer lateral location
  • Wildland Urban Interface Code page - see also Municipal Code Sec.11-21
  • Wildland Urban Interface Code Guide - to help navigate the requirements.


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