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Upcoming Meeting Agenda Packets will be posted here.

JTAB meetings will be held virtually using Zoom until further notice. You can participate by clicking the link below to join the meeting on the date and time it's scheduled. Your health and safety is, and continues to be, our top priority. We appreciate your support and understanding.

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Meeting cancelled Tuesday, May 18, 10:00 AM

Next JTAB Meeting Tuesday, June 15, 10:00 AM

Providing Public Comment During Virtual Meetings

If you would like to share a general comment during JTAB meetings, you can participate by raising your hand on Zoom Webinar during the time scheduled for public comment. The webinar host will allow you to use the microphone on your device to share your feedback. Viewers who wish to provide public comment must sign in using their full names. Anonymous comments will not be accepted. Comments are limited to 5 minutes per person. Comments will be taken in the order they are received and will be entered into the public record.

Comments submitted before the day of JTAB meeting will be attached to the packet as appendices. Comments submitted on JTAB meeting days will be read into the record.

Meeting Archives





Audio/Video (If Available)

Agenda Packet 

1/20/2021 No Meeting  --  --  --
2/9/2021 Feb Agenda Feb Meeting Minutes
 Zoom Recording (Youtube) Feb Packet
 3/16/2021  March Agenda

March minutes will be available after April JTAB

 Zoom Recording (Youtube) March Packet
 4/20/2021  No Meeting  --  --  --
 5/15/2021  No Meeting  --  --  --
 6/15/2021  May 2021 Agenda     MayPacket Updated 6_14_2021
12/15/2020 Dec Agenda Dec 15 2020 Minutes   Zoom Recording (Youtube) Dec Packet
11/17/2020 Nov Agenda Nov 2020 Minutes
Zoom Recording (Youtube)  Nov Packet
10/20/2020 Oct Agenda Oct 20 Minutes  Zoom Recording (Youtube) Oct Packet
9/15/2020 Sept Agenda  Sept. 15 Minutes  Zoom Recording (Youtube) Sept Packet
8/24/2020 Aug Agenda Aug. 24 Minutes  Zoom Recording (Youtube) Aug Packet 
7/20/2020 July Agenda July 20 Minutes  Zoom Recording (Youtube) July  Packet
6/16/2020 June Agenda June 16 Minutes  Zoom Recording (Youtube) June  Packet
6/02/2020 June Agenda June 2 Minutes  Zoom Recording (Youtube) June  Packet
5/19/2020 May Agenda May Minutes

Zoom Recording(Youtube)

May Packet
4/21/2020 April Agenda April Minutes  Zoom Recording (Youtube) April Packet
3/16/2020 No Meeting -- --  --
1/21/2020 No Meeting --  --  -- 
12/17/2019 Dec. Agenda  December Minutes December Audio Dec Packet 
11/19/2019 No Meeting --  --   --
10/29/2019 Oct Agenda  October Minutes October Audio Oct Packet
9/17/2019 Sept Agenda  -- --  Sept Packet 
8/20/2019 No Meeting --  --  -- 
7/16/2019 July Agenda  July Minutes  --  July Packet 
5/21/2019 May Agenda  May Minutes  --  May Packet 
4/16/2019 April Agenda  April Minutes  --  April Packet 
3/19/2019 No Meeting --  --  -- 
2/26/2019 Feb Agenda  February Minutes  February Audio Feb. Packet 
1/10/2019 Jan Agenda  January Minutes  --  Jan.Packet