Courtesy Tag Program

The Park City Municipal Corporation (PCMC) Electric Assist Mountain Bike (E-MTB) Courtesy Tag Program is designed for users who wish to identify their compliance with PCMC Code 10-1-4.5Eligibility for the tag program is restricted to individuals who qualify for an exemption under the code due to the following conditions:

  • User is over the age of 65; or
  • User has a mobility disability.

All applicants seeking a courtesy tag must document eligibility.  The determination process includes a review of the applicant's bike type, valid ID as proof of age or a physician verification of a mobility disability. You can apply for the courtesy tag program by filling out the online form HERE.

Please review the following information about the courtesy tag program before applying:

  • Tags are non-transferable
  • Tags are registered to specific bike serial numbers
  • Tags are requested to be displayed on the bike handlebars similar to a race/event number
  • Application is free
  • Application is completed online
  • Allow 14 days for processing before tags are mailed
  • Tags will be mailed to physical addresses