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During their scheduled meeting on Tuesday, August 29, the City Council will revisit, discuss, and hold a public hearing on ordinances and policies regarding e-bikes in Park City. This initial discussion will review the current regulations in place for both the use of e-bikes on multi-use pathways, as well as e-mountain bikes on natural surface trails. Although no Council action is scheduled for this time, your feedback on the topic is crucial to this process. 

For more information about this agenda item, please visit:

Courtesy Tag Program

The Park City Municipal Corporation (PCMC) Electric Assist Mountain Bike (E-MTB) Courtesy Tag Program is designed for users who wish to identify their compliance with PCMC Code 10-1-4.5Eligibility for the tag program is restricted to individuals who qualify for an exemption under the code due to the following conditions:

  • User is over the age of 65; or
  • User has a mobility disability.

All applicants seeking a courtesy tag must document eligibility.  The determination process includes a review of the applicant's bike type, valid ID as proof of age or a physician verification of a mobility disability. You can apply for the courtesy tag program by filling out the online form HERE.

Please review the following information about the courtesy tag program before applying:

  • Tags are non-transferable
  • Tags are registered to specific bike serial numbers
  • Tags are requested to be displayed on the bike handlebars similar to a race/event number
  • Application is free
  • Application is completed online
  • Allow 14 days for processing before tags are mailed
  • Tags will be mailed to physical addresses