Community Code Compliance assists in maintaining a safe, healthy and livable quality of life in Park City by ensuring compliance with the Building, Land Management and Municipal codes through the following activities:

  • Building plan review - for compliance of Construction Mitigation Plan (CMP) and Limits of Disturbance (LOD).
  • Inspections - to ensure compliance with CMP, LOD, and Stormwater Pollution Protection Plan (SWPPP).
  • Code violation resolution - our proactive and responsive approach collectively serves our community while enforcing City codes and ordinances.  


Reported concerns involving possible code violations can be filed in-person, or by phone, email or written correspondence.  Please direct your questions and concerns to one of following:

1.  During our business hours, Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm, please call the Code Compliance team through our main Building Department phone line (435) 615-5101.  Alternatively you can contact us anytime, by one of the following: 

  • EMAIL our Community Compliance Inspectors
  • Complete and submit a Code Violation Complaint Form for potential Land Management Code violations.  
  • NOTE:  Noise complaints not related to construction are enforced by the Police Department; please contact Dispatch (435) 615-5500.  Parking complaints not related to construction are enforced by Parking Services (435) 615-5301, or email

Click HERE for 2024 Holidays when the office is closed.

2. To report a non-emergency outside of our business hours, please call Dispatch (435) 615-5500

3.  To report any emergency, please call 911

4.  For Stormwater Pollution Protection Plan (SWPPP) related questions, please call Liz Lagoy, Stormwater Coordinator (435) 615-5364


Information we will need for an investigation

1.  The property address of the potential code violation.  If our inspectors cannot find a potential code violation, we cannot investigate or act to correct it.  If you're unsure of the address, give us the address of the property next door or provide the nearest cross-streets.  If the code violation is inside a house, apartment or building, our inspector will need to get inside to see it.  Usually this means we need permission from the owner or owner's agent, such as a building manager.

2.  Your name and number.  We may use your contact information if we have follow-up questions and to tell you about the outcome of your reported code violation.  If you choose, you can report a code violation anonymously or request your identity remain confidential.  Anonymous complaints do not receive feedback.  If we have questions about an anonymous code violation but have no one to contact, we may not be able to process the complaint.

3.  Description of the possible code violation.  For example, where is it on the property?  What is it?  How long has it been happening?


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If you have any questions or need additional assistance please call 435-615-5101 or EMAIL us.