ICE code of conduct

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Code of Conduct

It is the policy of the Park City Ice Arena to provide a safe and enjoyable space for all patrons.

This policy outlines what conduct is acceptable and unacceptable at the facility. This document supplements the waivers, rules, regulations, and signage of the Ice Arena, programs, and leagues.

The Ice Arena has developed a patron Code of Conduct to communicate general behavior guidelines and provide staff with tools and procedures, as they address patron behaviors. The procedures outlined in this Code of Conduct are flexible to allow for some interpretation, depending on the situation. The foundation of this process is the Escalation Pyramid noted in this document, which designates five violation levels, each with corresponding action steps.

This Code of Conduct applies to any persons inside the Ice Arena or on the adjacent property, including the parking lot and sidewalks. Ice Arena renters, programs, and leagues may have stricter rules and regulations than those contained in this Code of Conduct. Renters, programs, and leagues may not waive any of the rules and regulations contained in this Code of Conduct and are expected to enforce it, facility rules, and posted signs for participants, coaches, staff, spectators, and guests, before, during and after their contracted rental.

The Ice Arena may apply this Code of Conduct in addition to action taken by a user group or rental, or the Ice Arena may deem the user group or rental’s action sufficient and take no additional action.

Code of Conduct
To ensure patron satisfaction and safety, the Ice Arena requests patrons and staff follow a code of conduct for courteous behavior.

  1. Always respect the rights and privileges of all persons.
  2. Comply with requests from staff.
  3. Comply with any rules of the facility, activity, or event.
  4. Conduct that disrupts or obstructs any activity or event is not tolerated.
  5. Lewd, obscene, or indecent conduct or expression, including profanity, harassment, discrimination, intimidation, threats, or offensive language and/or behavior is not tolerated.
  6. Refrain from any action, which in the judgment of any staff, constitutes an attempt or intent to inflict injury to other patrons and/or staff.
  7. Destruction or damage to the facility or property is not tolerated.
  8. Theft of any property is not tolerated.
  9. Possession, consumption, or impairment from illegal substances is not acceptable at the Ice Arena. Alcohol may only be consumed during approved events, which are properly licensed and permitted, and must only be consumed by those lawfully able to do so.
  10. Check in at the front desk prior to any Ice Arena program. Patrons must register and pay for a facility program before taking the ice.

Conduct Expectations

  1. All users of the Ice Arena, including spectators, must adhere to the Code of Conduct, program rules, posted signs, and staff instructions, and must be able to provide identification upon request.


  2. Behaviors that hurt, intimidate, threaten, frighten, harm, humiliate, or put an individual in danger are prohibited. Unacceptable behavior includes physical acts, verbal acts, and cyberbullying and will not be tolerated.


  3. Patrons must register and pay for activities before participating in rink-run activities. All patrons must check in at the front desk before the session, including those who register online. 
  4. Patrons are responsible for their own property. The Ice Arena is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  5. Patrons who appear to be under the influence will not be allowed in the facility or allowed to participate in programs. This will be determined by a patron’s appearance, behavior, speech, or body odors that provide reasonable suspicion that the patron is under the influence of or impaired by alcohol or drugs and is a safety risk to themselves, other patrons, or staff.
  6. Express permission must be provided by the General Manager, Program Supervisor, Front Desk Team Leader, or Figure Skating Director to film or photograph in the facility.
  7. No photography or filming of any kind is permitted within locker rooms or restrooms.
  8. Do not take or post photos, videos, or information about other patrons on social media without their prior knowledge and consent.
  9. Report any injuries or equipment issues to staff immediately.
  10. No selling of goods and services is allowed, including soliciting of business, without prior approval.
  11. Staff reserves the right to determine what television, radio, or other media stations are appropriate. Appropriate stations or content do not include nudity, profanity, sexually explicit content, or themes. Patrons are not allowed to connect their personal electronic devices to the facility’s Smart TVs.



An Escalation Pyramid designates five violation levels, each with corresponding action steps. Find the below definition that best corresponds with your violation and see the possible action.


(include but not limited to)

Possible Actions

Minor violations that only require verbal redirection

Horseplay, ball hockey, running, food/drink, foul language, etc.

1. Verbal redirection

Repeated minor violations that require staff redirection and/or may include a center defined intervention

Repeated minor violations

1. Second verbal redirection

2. Phone call to parent/guardian, if applicable 3. Document violation

4. Corrective action

Serious violations that require staff intervention

Fighting, vandalism, harassment, inappropriate language, and/or inappropriate physical contact.



1. Document violation

2. Provide patron or parent/guardian with the Notice of Trespass Restriction

3. Suspension lasting between one and 14 days.


Significant violations that require staff intervention to ensure the safety of staff and patrons

Direct or perceived verbal or physical threats, actual violence, theft of City property or the personal property of other patrons or staff, vandalism, and property damage resulting in police contact

1. Contact police, if appropriate

2. Document situation

3. Provide patron or parent/guardian with Notice of Trespass Restriction

4. Suspension lasting 14 days or more

Significant violations that require staff intervention to ensure the safety of staff and patrons – often requires police intervention or notification

Violence resulting in bodily harm, possession of drugs and/or serious or repeated theft resulting in police contact

1. Contact police, if appropriate

2. Document situation

3. Provide patron or parent/guardian with Notice of Trespass Restriction

4. Suspension or pass cancelation


Patrons found to have committed a violation, which may result in a suspension, will be provided with a Notice of Trespass Restriction letter. It will explain that their privilege to use the facility or participation in a program or league has been suspended or cancelled and how to request an appeal.

Patrons have the right to request a review of their suspension/cancellation by filing a written appeal with the General Manager or designee. The appeal shall state the basis for the appeal and the requested relief. The appeal must be sent to the following address or email:

Ice Arena General Manager
Box 1480
Park City, Utah 84060

After review of the written appeal, the General Manager or designee will issue a written response. The decision of the General Manager or designee will be the final decision. Absent a written response stating that the suspension/cancellation has been rescinded, it remains in effect.