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Park City's Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Program

Traffic in neighborhoods impacts the quality of life for residents, bicycles, pedestrians, as well as drivers. Throughout Park City, residents are asking the City to reduce speeding traffic in their neighborhoods. For this reason, Neighborhoods First - Park City’s Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Program (NTMP) - was created. Through education, engineering, and enforcement the goal of calmer, safer streets is achievable. 

Community Discussion – Speed Limit Reduction

The City Council had a robust discussion during their 9/15 meeting regarding approaches toSpeedLimit20 lowering speed limits within Park City. This would not impact State Routes 224 and 248.  There was strong support for a consistent, lower speed limit across town with ideas between 15 mph and 25 mph proposed.

There was also an option presented of considering certain roads for a higher speed limit on a case-by-case basis and a question of what features on those roads would support (i.e.; commercial districts, no crosswalks, width, on-street parking, driveways, etc.).

City staff will make a recommendation to the City Council at the 10/6 Council meeting, where public comment will also be taken. View the map of staff recommended speed limit reductions here.

Please consider sharing your feedback by emailing or directly to the Council either in person, or via Zoom at the 10/6 council meeting here.

Program Goals 

  • Improving livability and promoting safe conditions for residents, motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians
  • Educating residents about traffic safety solutions to address problems occurring in neighborhoods
  • Implementing traffic calming techniques that are right-sized, effective, and compliant with current federal road safety standard rules and regulations
  • Applying traffic calming solutions (Complete Streets and People-First Streets) that compliment Park City's transportation policies and values through enhanced communication and collaboration with residents

Let’s work together to put Neighborhoods First!

  • Submit a request through the Neighborhoods First portal here
  • Search the status of a submitted request here.
  • Have a question? Connect with Nestor Gallo at


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