Snow Clearing

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While winter in Park City creates opportunities for recreation and is enjoyable for visitors and tourists alike, it can also be challenging. Park City’s Municipal Code identifies snow removal responsibilities and standards. In addition, the City has established a Snow Removal Assistance Program for residents who are unable to meet these standards.

Fire Hydrants

Park City Municipal Code § 14-4-10 requires property owners to mark, uncover and remove accumulated snow and windrows of snow from over and around fire hydrants located at the perimeter of the owner’s property. The hydrants shall be uncovered for a distance of not less than three feet (3') on all sides and must be marked so the hydrants are accessible for emergency use. Hydrants shall be uncovered within seventy-two (72) hours of the time they are buried by a plowed windrow of snow or from the time they become buried by drifts.

Map available here and below.


Sidewalk plowing responsibilities in Park City vary by location. Park City Municipal Code § 14-4-9 establishes sidewalk tiers (Tier I- City responsibility; Tier II- Property owner responsibility; Tier III- No snow removal requirements). City-plowed sidewalk priorities are identified within the Park City Snow Removal Guide.

Snow Removal Assistance Program

Residents are asked to contact Michelle Downard,, for assistance when unable to satisfy the requirements outlined above. Once contacted, the City will work in coordination with the homeowners’ association (if applicable) to request assistance. If an HOA is not available to assist, contact information for local volunteers will be provided.