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Community Visioning

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Park City Vision 2020

In June 2019, Park City Municipal Corporation launched an eight-month community visioning project - Park City Vision 2020 - to define the Park City Community Vision and Action Plan through extensive community engagement and dialogue. Over 1,500 community members shared their voice and vision for Park City’s Future!

The goal of Park City Vision 2020 was to address the following questions:

  • What makes Park City the place that people wish to call home and how do the individual aspects of people and neighborhoods intersect to create a place where people live, work, visit and recreate?
  • What makes Park City special and what should Park City become?
  • What are the tangible and intangible elements of the community that, if lost, would fundamentally change the character of Park City?

The results of this process will set the framework for future land use, economic, social, and environmental decisions. A key goal of this process is to help the community articulate tangible and intangible elements that, if lost, would fundamentally change the character of Park City. The City’s goal is to clearly define a vision for the Park City community that can serve as a blueprint for growth over the next decade.

The data collected throughout the Park City Vision 2020 project is now being used to prepare the project’s final report. In advance of the release of the Park City Vision 2020 Report, we invite you to learn more about the project.


Vision Park City 2009 

Vision Park City 2009 was an open-ended dialog among Parkites: full- and part-time residents, employees, business owners and other community stakeholders. As a community we discussed what we hold dear, identified concerns, challenges and future goals, and revealed a set of shared ideals to guide Park City in the future.

Community Ideals

  • Respect and conserve the natural environment
  • Promote balanced, managed and sustainable growth
  • Preserve a strong sense of place, character and heritage
  • Foster a strong sense of community vitality and vibrancy
  • Support and promote diversity in people, housing and affordability
  • Advance a thriving, diverse and sustainable economic base  

Evaluative Framework

Our community ideals are harmonious – working together to retain those signature qualities that make Park City the place we choose to call home. Our challenge, as a government and a community, is to balance what sometimes can be competing ideals to ensure a vibrant, healthy, sustainable community. Park City is putting Vision Park City into action through a new framework that widens our evaluation criteria contextually so that the range of consequences for any possible activity is evaluated in concert with our community ideals.

Summary Presentations