Bike Parking Requirements

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Land Management Code Section 15-3-9 requires temporary outdoor bicycle parking (bike racks) for at least three bicycles or 10% of the required parking for vehicles, whichever is greater. As the Planning Commission reviewed projects last year, the Commission identified opportunities to update this Section to reflect community needs for both short-term Outdoor Bicycle Parking for visitors to a site and to create new requirements for long-term indoor Enclosed Bicycle Storage for residents and employees of a site.

The proposed amendments include the following:

Outdoor Bicycle Parking (bicycle racks that provide short-term parking for those visiting a site)

  • Require that some Outdoor Bicycle Parking accommodates cargo, recumbent, tandem, electric, and bicycles with trailers
  • Require covered Outdoor Bicycle Parking with snow clearing and maintenance standards
  • Update required materials and installation standards

Enclosed Bicycle Storage (long-term bicycle parking provided within a parking garage or building)

  • Establish long-term Enclosed Bicycle Storage facilities for Multi-Unit Dwellings with 10 or more Dwelling Units that do not have a private garage and for a percentage of the required Off-Street Parking for Uses that generate employees
  • Require a bicycle repair station for those projects that must provide 10 or more Enclosed Bicycle Parking spaces

General Updates

  • Allow for a fee in lieu for those properties in the Historic Districts that have no setbacks
  • Establish flexibility for best outcomes

The Planning Commission is scheduled to conduct a public hearing on the proposed amendments on March 22, 2023, and may forward a recommendation for City Council’s consideration on April 27, 2023. For more information and to provide public input, please email To participate in the public hearings, please visit