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Who Lives in Park City Affordable Housing?

Most residents living in deed-restricted properties in Park City represent the essential workforce who keep our town a world-class resort destination. This includes resort employees, police officers, teachers, City employees, artists, bus drivers, restaurant servers, bartenders, and nonprofit employees, to name a few.

Each year, housing staff conducts a survey of the persons living in the deed-restricted units in Park City. Owners receive a letter and must return a signed and notarized affidavit reporting the current rent being charged or, in the case of owner occupied units, owners must return a signed and notarized form to verify that they maintain the deed-restricted unit as their primary residence. Details regarding qualifications available here.

Regulation of Deed-Restricted Properties

Annual rent increases for existing projects are based on CPI adjustments in April of each year. The City publishes the percentage of increase on this page.

As of April 2022, allowable rent increase is  4.5%.

2021 Payment In Lieu of Development fee is $389,700 per affordable unit equivalent.

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Resale of Deed-Restricted Properties

All sales and resales of deed-restricted units must be processed through the City.* The City holds the right of first refusal when a deed-restricted property is sold. Housing staff is also prepared to assist in the sale of these homes and maintains a list of interested households. A checklist for the sale of deed-restricted properties is available here.

Recorded deed restrictions for all properties within Park City city limits are listed below. They are also available on the Summit County Recorder’s webpage.

* There is one exception. The Line Condominiums are deed restricted to the benefit of Mountainlands Community Housing Trust who monitors compliance on those 22 units.

Key Information and Reports

Community workforce housing has been an issue in Park City since the early 1990s. In 1993, Park City adopted its first set of housing policies defining incentives to create and preserve affordable housing. Today, Park City promotes quality housing opportunities for persons of all economic levels as a key element of community sustainability. Key information and reports are linked below: