Woodside Park Master Plan

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Woodside Park Master Plan

(Formally Lower Park Avenue Redevelopment Area)


Park City Municipal Corporation (PCMC) is currently developing the master plan for the Woodside Park Area, formally referred to as the Lower Park Avenue Redevelopment Area (RDA).  The City has contracted with Elliot Workgroup to provide a master plan and to move forward into the design and construction phases for multiple priorities including affordable housing and relocating the senior center facility and programming.

A Park City Plans and Projects Open House was held on September 20th.  Since that meeting, the team has been working on plans and presented options to the city council and has been working on moving the plans forward.  The following provides an update on current designs.

  • Preferred housing option for the Fire Station Lot – The layout and architectural features have been outlined for this parcel.  To view the renderings and watch an animation of the design, click here.

 firestation site plan

Woodside Park Fire Station Lot Preferred Housing Option


  • Options for housing between Woodside Avenue and Empire Avenue on city owned property – Three preliminary layout options (shown below) have been designed and will be presented to city council on December 1st.

 2016.11.02 WP Phase 2 Option 1

 2016.11.02 WP Phase 2 Option 2

 2016.11.02 WP Phase 2 Option 3

 Woodside Park Housing Options From Woodside Avenue to Empire Avenue Options 


  • Keetley Depot (currently serving as the Senior Center) relocation options.
  • Senior Center relocation options – Location / feasibility options are currently under evaluation.  

Previous public comments gathered, ideas generated, and City Council comments provided throughout the most recent public engagement process that began in March 2015 are also being incorporated into the master plan.  Comments received at the September 20th meeting were also reviewed by the project team and incorporated into the plan as well as additional comments provided at the city council meetings held:

  • October 20, 2016
  • November 3, 2016 

The final plan is scheduled to be complete by Spring 2017. The housing on the Fire Station Lot has been identified as the top priority in the area and the team will be moving into the design phase in December.  

Public Engagement Summary

A summary of the information gathered during the engagement process is listed below. 

Lower Park Avenue Redevelopment Community Workshop
May 19, 2015

A community workshop was held to gather information about what is needed in the Lower Park Avenue Area. Participants were asked the following questions:

  • What makes Park City Park City?
  • What does Park City need to be ‘complete’?
  • What should be included in Lower Park Ave?

Lower Park Avenue Design Studio
July 13-16, 2015  

The weeklong Lower Park Avenue Design Studio brought together ten architects, planners, landscape architects, transportation experts, and developers. Their task was to develop schemes and concepts for various city-owned sites within the LPA neighborhood.

The team presented their concepts to City Council during a study session on July 16th. That presentation can be viewed here. The schemes and concepts are best understood in conjunction with the audio recording, which can be found here. The Study Session commences at the start of the audio, and the designers begin their presentation at minute 7:50 of the recording. The description of the Library Field ideas (slide 22 of the powerpoint) begins at 29:15 of the recording. Listening to this portion will be especially helpful, as all elements of the design are not immediately apparent in the drawings.

You can also watch a video of the City Council Study Session.

Lower Park Avenue & Bonanza Park Prioritization Workshops
November 4 & 10, 2015 

Two prioritization workshops for Lower Park Avenue and Bonanza Park. We received honest and productive feedback, which will help the city move forward in developing designs for both areas.  You can view the introductory presentation here.

City Council Meetings
Presentations were made to the City Council throughout the public engagement process.  The dates of the presentations were:

  • July 16, 2015
  • August 20, 2015
  • November 19, 2015
  • January 28, 2016

Staff reports and meeting minutes are available on the council page.  Click here for more information. 

Contact Information

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