Park Avenue Pathway

The Park Avenue Pathway Project met the substantially complete milestone on November 13th. Substantial completion included the installation of the underground utilities, which include a new waterline, new Questar gas line, new City fiber conduit, and some storm drain replacement. Additionally, the entire pathway on the west side and concrete within the transit area has been completed, as well as the major landscape items, including irrigation, mature trees and cor-ten retaining walls.

Several items were postponed to Spring 2016, due to delays associated with the utility work. These items are as follows:

  • Minor landscape items, including perennials, shrubs, and ornamental grasses in the landscape buffer and within the transit area.

  • The addition of clay pavers within the transit area. (This area will receive a temporary hardscape treatment in the form of asphalt for this winter, to maintain a level surface)

  • Pathway and utility work on the east side of Park Avenue between the Christian Center and Homestake Drive.

  • The outstanding items will be addressed, weather permitting, once the resorts have closed next Spring.

For further information contact Heinrich Deters  435-615-5205.