Water Projects


Public Utilities is participating with the City Engineering Department in the conceptual planning phase for the reconstruction of Park Avenue from Deer Valley to Heber Avenue. Public Utilities is currently assessing the existing conditions of the existing water and storm drain systems within the roadway and evaluating future needs. Replacement and/or repair of existing assets will be performed in conjunction with the road project.


The proposed Park Avenue Reconstruction project is approximately 4,600 feet in length. Anticipated improvements include a new 8-inch diameter water main, replacement of all water service lines and meter boxes to the right-of-way line, and replacement and potential capacity upgrade of the entire storm water system within the right-of-way. The replacement of existing water and storm drain improvements within Heber Avenue, between Park Avenue and Main Street will be included with the project.

Project budgets are being developed in conjunction with the conceptual planning effort.


Concept Design and Public Involvement are currently underway and are being managed by the City Engineering Department. Construction is scheduled to occur in 2020 and 2021.



Public Utilities continues its' participation in the Old Town Improvement Study that is managed by the City Engineering Department. The City Engineer has scheduled Rossi Hill for reconstruction in the 2018 season and consequently Public Utilities has evaluated the existing water system in the roadway. Public Utilities has determined that the replacement of the water assets in conjunction with the road project would be a cost-effective benefit to the City.


The water system replacement will consist of the installation of approximately 850 feet of new 8-inch diameter water main and the replacement of all water service lines and meter boxes. The project budget for water system improvements has been established at $250,000.


Design and Public Involvement are currently underway and are being managed by the City Engineering Department. Construction is scheduled to occur in 2018.

Rossi Hill



Park City Council has identified Energy as a Critical Priority for the City. Public Utilities has identified improvements to the Jordanelle Special Services District (JSSD) to PCMC water delivery method as an opportunity to significantly increase Park City's water system energy efficiency. The project consists of two primary components:

  • New Deer Crest Pump Station
  • New Deer Crest to Bald Eagle Transmission Pipeline


The new Deer Crest Pump Station will be a buried cast-in-place concrete structure that is equipped with pumps sized to deliver flowrates ranging from 500 gpm to 1,000 gpm.

A new 12-inch diameter water transmission pipeline will convey the imported drinking water from the new Deer Crest Pump Station to Park City's existing Bald Eagle Tank zone. The new transmission line will be approximately one-quarter mile in length and will be routed along Deer Valley Resort's "Kimberly" ski run. The project budget has been established at one million dollars ($1,000,000).


Planning for the project began in 2016. Design is currently underway and being performed by Aqua Engineering. Construction contractors have been pre-qualified and bidding by pre-qualified contractors is scheduled to occur in early 2018.

Due to the shortened construction season, the pump station and supply line improvements may require multiple construction seasons to install. Construction is scheduled to begin in June 2018 and continue through October 2019.


This project affords the following benefits:

  • Reduces pumping demands between water tank zones by over 50%. This represents a total annual energy savings of approximately 1M kWh.
  • Better utilizes the available storage capacity in the Bald Eagle Tank
  • Affords JSSD an emergency connection from Park City's water to JSSD's water system.



Public Utilities manages the water system assets through a program that is intended to keep the water system operating at defined service levels while reducing risk and achieving the lowest life-cycle cost. The program also considers opportunities where utility work can be conducted in concert with other planned projects. The Upper Swede Alley Utility Replacement is such a project.

To address aging infrastructure, meet water demands, and provide adequate fire protection for the continued building activity in the Historic Main Street area of Park City, Public Utilities has determined that the existing water system needs to be replaced and upgraded. The work will be performed in conjunction with the replacement of the sanitary sewer by the Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District and gas main replacement by Dominion Energy.


The water system replacement will consist of the installation of approximately 1,200 feet of new 8-inch diameter water main and the replacement of all water service lines and meter boxes. Due to existing soils conditions and the sensitivity of the work area, the project water budget has been established at one million dollars ($1,000,000).


Design for the project is complete. Construction was originally anticipated to occur in 2018, but has been delayed to coincide with Brew Pub lot improvements.



Park City's Public Utilities and Streets Department is in the planning process for a new home. The department currently shares the existing Public Works/Transit facility at 1053 Ironhorse Drive with Park City Fleet Maintenance and Transit. A new facility is being planned to; 1) address the loss of existing space due to the re-purposing of existing buildings and sited for other City functions, 2) optimize departmental space needs through the consolidation of similar divisional functions, 3) address deficiencies in existing facilities, and 4) extend equipment life through proper storage. The new complex will provide a more efficient, publicly accessible, and sustainable headquarters.


The new facility will house the Streets, Water, and Stormwater Divisions as well as the Parks Department. The 12.8 acre site will include improvements for vehicle and equipment storage; light equipment and maintenance repairs; salt storage and salt brine for winter road maintenance; space for various materials, parts, and pipe storage; bulk materials storage; a Parks greenhouse; and water treatment facilities related to the adjacent Quinns Junction Water Treatment Plant. The site will also be home to Public Utilities and Parks administration staff.

Sustainability is a key goal of the project, as the facility is being designed to meet Council's net-zero energy goal. The complex will incorporate sustainable building systems; feature educational components about energy and water conservation and their efficient use, as well as the use of low impact storm drainage design.

Key elements of the project include:

  • Net-zero energy goal
  • Renewable energy generation through micro-hydro power and solar panels
  • Energy efficient building envelope and building system design


The project is currently in the programming and planning approval phase. Design is scheduled to occur through 2019. Construction is subject to funding.

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Public Utilities is pursuing reductions to our water and energy footprint by actively monitoring Upper Deer Valley for non-surfacing underground leaks from our water pipe network.


Approximately 20 sensors will be installed on fire hydrants in Upper Deer Valley. These sensors will measure pressure and acoustic noise in the system hundreds of times per second. Leaking pipes make noise that can be detected by these sensors. The data will be transmitted wirelessly to a software system that will analyze the data to identify where pipes are leaking. No impact to water users or the community is expected from these sensors.

For more information visit https://www.vinsenti.com/


 The project is scheduled to being on April 16, 2018 and will last approximately 6 months.