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After conducting a comprehensive pilot study, Park City Municipal determined to allow electric assisted bikes (e-bikes) on designated pathways in and around Park City.  E-bikes are not allowed on single-track trails within Park City limits.*

 Please check out the map designating where e-bikes are allowed.   In addition to the roadways around Park City,  class I and class II e-bikes are allowed on pathways designated on the map as yellow and gray hashed paved pathways and green and gray hashed soft surface double-track.  Class III e-bikes are only allowed on applicable roadways. 

 All e-bikes must be correctly labeled according to their class:

  • Class I- (pedal assist) top speed of electric assist limited to 20 mph
  • Class II- (throttle assist) top speed of electric assist limited to 20 mph
  • Class III- (pedal assist) top speed of electric assist limited to 28 mph. Equipped with a speedometer.


*E-bikes may be used on single-track trails for maintenance, events, emergency response, and ADA compliance.

For further information please read the applicable code here:


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