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September eNews: Kamas Commuter a Hit! Also, mayor addresses DACA

Post Date:09/15/2017 4:28 PM






For many of us across the country, these past few weeks have been particularly trying to witness. The volume of natural disasters—combined with political uncertainty at the national level regarding our immigration policies—has been a shock to our systems. I don’t blame those who prefer to shut everything off and pull the covers up over their head. I have my days, too, yet there is far too much at stake to just roll over and disconnect.

For one thing, it’s been absolutely heartwarming to witness story after story of neighbors coming to the aid of neighbors—and strangers coming to the aid of strangers—even in the face of great danger. Here at home in Park City, Parkites have also demonstrated compassion for others: many residents have opened their homes to Texans and Floridians in need, and our schools, churches, and businesses are conducting food and clothing donation drives. Every time there is a tragedy, the people of Park City people step in to help.

Fittingly, September is National Preparedness Month. Park City is doing everything we can to prevent and mitigate natural disasters: staff works behind the scenes to ensure we are ready to respond. But we also need you to do your part: have a plan, assemble a disaster kit, and identify ways to stay in touch during emergencies. ( and are two great resources.) Also, get to know your neighbors and find out if any of them might need assistance.

Another reason to get to know your neighbors is to better understand the human toll that reversing some of our most humane and productive immigration policies would take. While I’m hopeful for compromise, recent efforts to dismantle the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) are disturbing. DACA provides employment authorization and protections for undocumented immigrants who entered the country before they turned 16, many of whom work in and call Park City home. DACA has benefitted nearly 742,000 undocumented youth since it began in 2012, and 87 percent of DACA recipients are employed by American businesses. Utah is home to an estimated 9,600 DACA recipients and 8,300 DACA workers. Further, Utah stands to lose nearly $500,000 in gross domestic product if DACA is not reinstated. And if you’re like me (contemplating retirement), you’ll be interested to know that DACA recipients contribute 15 percent of their wages to help fund our Social Security and Medicare programs. In other words, DACA recipients—many of whom work and live in Park City—are part of our economy, schools, and community.

That is why at last night’s City Council meeting, we approved a resolution proclaiming support for the DACA program and urging our Federal Delegation in Congress to do the same.

So let’s stay together, and stay prepared.

Mayor Jack Thomas



Route riders enjoy the new service

The Kamas Commuter began service scarcely two-and-a-half months ago, but it's already been life-changing for some of its regular riders. Whatever the reason for using the service—to be more sustainable, to save money, or to have a less stressful commute—folks are saying it has made a discernible difference in their quality of life. Some ride it to work, while some ride it school; one rider said he plans to ride the Kamas Commuter to the ski mountain in the winter. Whatever the reason, folks say they love how easy and pleasant the trip is. In the month of August, more 1200 one-way trips were taken (average of 50 a day), which means about 20-to-25 cars were taken off the road each day. Not too shabby for the second month of operation.

Here's a sampling of rider quotes:

  • “I’ve been hoping for a bus like this for years. I’m really proud of you guys for doing this.”
  • “I love that it comes and goes from Kamas to PC. Great drivers too.”
  • “Gracias por todo.” (“Thank you for everything.”)
  • “I no longer drive to work thanks to the awesome efforts of our city to make busing easier.”
  • “Great service!”
  • “Muy bien servicio.” (“Very good service.”)
  • “Nice drivers; very punctual.”

The inbound route originates at Volkers Bakery in Kamas and stops at Deer Mountain, the hospital, the high school, Fresh Market, and the Old Town Transit Center. The outbound route services the same stops in reverse.

The most-requested change from riders has been to add Saturday and Sunday service. Stay tuned: we may be able to expand service in coming months. In the meantime, keep riding, everyone!

The Kamas Commuter operates Monday through Friday, with three runs in the morning and three in the evening. Route and timetable information available on the city's transit page. You can also sign up for our Guaranteed Ride Home program, which provides transportation for commuters in case of emergencies or unforseen circumstances.




The public is invited and encouraged to attend the following meetings over the next month. Follow this link for additional meeting information and agendas.

Tues., Sept. 19 Coffee with Council | 8:30 am | Rockwell Room, 268 Main St. (upstairs)

Wed., Sept. 20 Library Board | noon | Library

Wed., Sept. 20 SEAC | noon | Library

Wed., Sept. 20 Projects & Plans Open House | 5:00 pm | Library

Thurs., Sept. 21 City Council | Time TBD | Council Chambers

Tues., Sept. 26 COSAC | 8:30 am | Council Chambers

Wed., Sept. 27 Planning Commission | 5:30 pm | Council Chambers

Tues., Oct. 3 Recreation Advisory Board | 6:00 pm | PCMARC

Wed., Oct. 4 Historic Preservation Board | 6:00 pm | PCMARC

Thurs., Oct. 5 City Council | Time TBD | Council Chambers

Mon., Oct. 9 Public Art Advisory Board | 5:o0 pm | Executive Conf Room, City Hall

Thurs., Oct. 12 City Council | Time TBD | Council Chambers

Can't make it to City Council or Planning Comission in person? Attend virtually or download the recording via the Listen Live link.


 left image: King Con Counterweight; right image: California Comstock

Nonprofit is providing leadership and raising awareness and funds

Clark Martinez, a specialist in mine relic restoration, just finished up his second summer of stabilizing some of Park City’s most noteworthy mine properties. In August, he and his crew carefully fortified the King Con Counterweight. They lifted the structure, replaced the rotted top beams, removed the i-bar from the top and braced it.This allowed the team to then dig the footings, place the structure over the excavations, and—finally—pour the new concrete.

The crew then moved back up to the California Comstock building, another Park City icon. Stabilization efforts included shoring up the masonry and affixing the appurtenant structure that fell to the ground years ago. Clark and his crew wrapped up work for the season, fittingly, the Friday before for Miners' Day weekend. You can hike or bike to both to appreciate the preservation efforts firsthand.

Visit Friends of Ski Mountain Mining History to learn about future projects or make a donation. Watch this video to learn more about Park City's historic preservation efforts.


We want to hear from you, Parkites! Park City Municipal is working with The National Citizen Survey on our biennial survey that provides a picture of Park City’s livability through the eyes of our residents.

The survey includes questions regarding safety, mobility, recreation and wellness, education, and the quality of our natural and built environments. Park City Municipal also uses this survey to measure the performance of city services, and allows us to benchmark Park City’s results against other similar communities.

The 2017 survey is being distributed to a randomized sample of Park City residents and takes just 10-15 minutes to complete. Residents not receiving the survey in the mail will have an opportunity to participate by filling out the survey online beginning September 29, through a link on Park City Municipal’s website.

Your feedback is very important. Thanks in advance for your participation!

Please call 435.615.5189 if you have any questions or comments about the 2017 National Citizen Survey.




Local resident Rebecca Marriott Champion understands the power of history to connect people to a place. "Knowing your place in the world—through your physical surroundings and the history of those surroundings—gives you pride and a sense of who you are," said Ms. Champion. "If you have curiosity about the historical value of where you live, it can give your life purpose and happiness."

Ms. Champion decided to begin a lecture series about state history to help foster this curiosity in Park City residents and visitors. "There are so many interesting stories about Utah—from its beginnings in 1847 to the present," said Ms. Champion. "History lives on through its peoples, and I intend to help pass on some of that history."

Park City Municipal is proud to partner with Ms. Champion to organize and produce this historical series. The first lecture will be held next week: see the flyer below for details and RSVP to Katie Madsen.




The deadline is fast approaching for all business license renewals. Beginning this year, all business license renewals are due October 1, which has been changed from the previous deadline of January 1. Renewals can be processed online at, by phone (435) 615-5221, mail to 445 Marsac Box 1480 PC, UT 84060, or in-person at City Hall from 8:00 am to 4:45 pm, Monday-Friday. Please contact the PCMC Finance Department if you have any questions at (435) 615-5221.


Park City Municipal is requesting feedback on your travel experience to and from Park City over the Miners' Day holiday weekend (September 1st through 4th). Your responses will help us improve transportation services, especially during special events.

The survey will be open through Wednesday, September 20.Thank you!


Please join us for the September Coffee with Council, which will be held at the Rockwell Room on Main Street. Council members Andy Beerman and Nann Worel will be hosting.

  • Tuesday, September 19
  • 8:30 to 9:30 am
  • Rockwell Room, 268 Main St.

RSVP to or 435.615.5189.


Preparing yourself and your family for a natural disaster has—sadly—never felt more timely. With hurricanes wreaking havoc in the nation's south and wildfires unfcomfortably close to Park City, we are seeing daily reminders that disaster can strike at any time. A little bit of preparation can make all the difference. Take the time to make a plan, assemble a kit, figure out ways to stay informed, and develop strategies to help others during an emergency. September is a good time to assess your home or business for defensible space against wildfires. And now is also a good time to review your insurance plans to make sure you have adequate and appropriate insurance (most Utahns are underinsured for floods, for example).

BeReadyParkcity and BeReadyUtah have everything you need to know.


The following special events may create impacts or require advance planning to attend. Please exercise caution when in the area and plan ahead for road closures, detours, slowdowns, and parking restrictions and costs. Want the most up-to-date event traffic and emergency notification? Text PCEVENTS to 888777 to subscribe to text alerts.

  • Autumn Aloft: September 16 & 17. North 40 playing fields (behind Treasure Mountain Middle School). Park at Eccles and Park City High School or at China Bridge and bus to site. Saturday's evening event will be on Main Street. Walk, bike, bur, or carpool to this event.
  • Park Silly Sunday Market: Runs through September 17. Lower Main Street. Limited parking: take the bus, walk, or bike to the event. Free bike valet available. Remember your reusable bags.
  • Tour de Suds: September 17. City Park to the top of Guardsman Pass. Watch for bikers throughout Park City.
  • Cross Country Invitational: September 29. Round Valley Quinn’s Junction. Park at dirt lot at trailhead. Overflow lot at ice arena. Watch for runnersin the area.
  • Second Annual Park City Shot Ski: Main Street. Limited parking: take the bus, walk, or bike to the event. Or park at Park City High School and take free shuttle to Old Town.

For a complete listing of Park City & Summit County events and activities, please visit the Park City Chamber's events page.


Please join us to learn about upcoming construction projects and other initiatives that support the city's long-term strategic plan and core values.

  • Wednesday, September 20
  • 5:00 to 6:30 pm
  • Park City Library, 3rd Floor

For more information, contact Linda Jager at 435.615.5189 or